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WebAuthn and FIDO are the latest industry standards for multifactor authentication. They replace passwords and SMS text messages with technologies that are as easy as pressing a button. Every website and every service can benefit from WebAuthn and FIDO -- for both security and ease of use.

We are some of the experts behind the development of the standards and the technology. We know every bit and byte, every market player and every use case. Whether you are looking for WebAuthn, UAF, U2F, FIDO2, CTAP1, CTAP2, authenticators, clients, or servers — or even if you don’t know what you are looking for yet — we can help you find your way. And if you already know WebAuthn and FIDO, we can help you find your way through FIDO certification and into successful deployment.

With Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and (soon) Microsoft Edge browsers implementing WebAuthn any website can benefit from from this new technology.

Now is the time to kill the password.

Now is the time to deploy WebAuthn.


Market Intelligence

The WebAuthn and FIDO ecosystem is a complex set of platforms, vendors, implementers, shipping dates, and nuances that impact the products and services that you want to deploy. Whether building a business case or developing a product or service, our market knowledge will provide clarity, reduce risk, and accelerate time to market.


Implementing WebAuthn isn’t hard — if you know what you are doing. Our experience with the technology can enable you to quickly prove out an implementation to demonstrate to both management, user groups, and other stakeholders. Most WebAuthn prototypes can be completed as quickly as 4-6 weeks, and using our off-the-shelf technology lowers risk and complexity.

System Integration

Large companies can have dozens of authentication flows with multiple internal IAM solutions and third-party partners. Throw over 450+ FIDO Certified products into the mix with a complex set of requirements, budgets, and schedules and it can be difficult to envision how the project is going to come together. Our enterprise experience combined with deep WebAuthn and FIDO knowledge ensures that all the pieces will come together in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Open Source

At WebAuthn Consulting we are strong advocates of the open source community. In fact, we have published several projects for WebAuthn, including WebAuthn.org, a FIDO2 Server Demo, a library of FIDO2 functionality, and test data for ensuring your products works correctly. All are under MIT License and free to use for all!

About WebAuthn and FIDO

Nearly every major platform has adopted, or is in the process of adopting, WebAuthn and FIDO2. The signs are clear that the technology is tested, tested and trusted. But it's not to late to be a among the thought-leaders that will be the first to adopt.

Below is just a small sampling of the companies that are implementing and deploying WebAuthn and FIDO technologies. These household names have spent years investing in this technology to make sure that it is secure, easy to use, and production-ready. And now you can benefit from their hard work to make your user’s authentication experience easy to use and secure.

How We Are Different



Benefit from industry insider knowledge about the plans, the processes, the people, and the technology. Quickly understand who the key players are, how to capture ROI, and avoid common pitfalls in your FIDO UAF, U2F, FIDO2 or WebAuthn projects.



Relationships are the foundation of our business — not only the existing relationships that can open doors and provide success, but our focus on good communication and trust ensures that projects will be collaborative and based on mutual respect.



Anyone can talk about authentication, but having the hands-on knowledge from actually building WebAuthn and FIDO systems ensures that opinions are accurate and based in fact. We designed the FIDO certification process, contributed to the WebAuthn specification, wrote the WebAuthn test tools, and have developed an open source FIDO2 server.

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As a 20 year technology executive and veteran of Silicon Valley, Adam has seen and done it all. From starting companies as a software engineer; to managing engineering teams; to executive roles that involved $800M in mergers & acquisitions and oversight of corporate strategy. A broad and diverse background ensures that all stakeholders will be heard and details won’t be overlooked.

Most recently, Adam has served as the Technical Director (and he currently serves as Technical Advisor) at the FIDO Alliance where he oversaw the development of UAF, U2F, FIDO2, and WebAuthn specifications and certification programs. Adam joined FIDO in 2014 to define, implement, and run the FIDO certification program and quickly became a believer in the FIDO and WebAuthn promise of eradicating passwords for the sake of ease of use and security.

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